IP Address Management – An Introduction

For most of us, the very first question that comes to mind is that what IP address management is. As mentioned above, IP address is the unique address provided to a system connected to a network. With the Internet covering the entire world it can be easily estimated that the number of IPs on a global scale is a massive number. However, when we are talking about IP address management, we are speaking in a much shorter scale. In general any ISP (Internet Service Provider) will have a set of IPs assigned to them which they can distribute among their user base. Even though much smaller than the global number, the number of IPs provided to each ISP is still a very large number. If we scale down further and take one enterprise at a time, we will find that there are set of IPs provided to each enterprise as well, which they can use within their own network. At each stage it is important to keep a tab on the IPs being provided as well as the DNS and DHCP. In order to keep the network up and running smoothly issues like IP conflicts, DNS and DHCP mismatch, and others should not be allowed to happen. IP address management is the tracking and management of all the databases related to the IPs in a network.

How can IP Address Management Software help?

IP address management software or IPAM software provides complete tracking and control of all the IP addresses in a network. As the owner of an enterprise or the network manager in an organization it is imperative to implement high grade IPAM software.

IP address management software does not only deal with the management of the IP addresses assigned. It also secures the network, prevents any error occurring within the network due to IP conflict, DNS and DHCP database mismatch, and other such issues. The IPAM allows the network administrator to monitor, control and modify any segment of the network as and when needed.

IP address management software is a completely automated and centralized solution for effective management of all IP addresses within the network. We understand the differential needs of various business networks and our IPAM is customized to suit the individual needs of the organization. We offer the most simplified yet powerful IPAM tool in the market. IP address management software is your network’s ultimate protector and manager.