IP address management has turned out to be one of the most important aspects for many major organizations to ensure smooth functioning of their day to day activities. Till a few years back, it was proper allocation and tracking of the IPs being used within the organizational network that could be termed as the most important issue. However, changing times have gave birth to many more complications. The multinational organizations also have to deal with IPv4 and IPv6 depending upon the countries their business is located. IP address management (IPAM) software offers holistic approach towards the issue of IPAM.

IPAM is much more than just keeping a record of the IPs in use in an organization. It is ensuring that the DNS and DHCP integration within the system happens seamlessly and both are updated simultaneously in case of any change or new entry happening. IP conflict needs to be avoided at all cost. It is the reason behind loss of a large portion of work hours on an annual basis in many enterprises. IP address management software ensures solution to all issues in relation to IPAM. The following are the features of the software.

IP Activity Database Management

The software provides effective tracking, monitoring & recording of all activities being performed by the systems connected to the network. The IPAM logs activities as per each IP being connected to the network. Network administrator has complete control and access and enables the administrator to identify any unauthorized activity in the network.

Centralized Control

The IPAM software control is fully centralized as well as automated. A centralized model is highly effective in providing one point control of the entire network, thereby making it possible to both monitor and control the activities within the network. The IPAM is automated software which is able to function without any human intervention. Automated activity includes managing and discovering subnets and IPs in use within the network, as well as updating IP address database.

Protection of Network

The IPAM also provides security to the entire network. Since it has automated control and monitoring feature, it effectively checks for any unauthorized access of the network and ensures protection of data round the clock. The IPAM monitors all IP addresses in the network as well as the subnets being used. Intranet data transfer is fully secured.

Real-time IP Management

The IPAM software provides immediate notification of any error in the network due to mismatching DNS entries or IP conflict. It also notifies the network administrator in case of subnet depletion.

DHCP and DNS administration integration

The IPAM allows the network administrator to control DNS and DHCP entries as well. Network administrator can reserve any DHCP for any open IP and also update the DNS registry as per requirement. It is single point control. This IPAM software also controls handshaking between DNS and DHCP databases so that whenever change is made to one of these two the other one is changed as well. This is an important feature which prevents any error arising due to missing DNS or DHCP record.

IP address management software is one of the most simplified IPAM software available in the market. It has helped many major enterprises to keep their network up and running.