4 Advantages of Managed Cloud Services

Almost every company today has a relationship with a managed cloud service provider, and there is a high probability that the relationship has been evolving over the years. What’s amazing is that more changes are still coming and will prove to be very useful to the enterprises.

Cloud computing has become fundamental to the growth of every business. Whether it is between public or private cloud, a managed cloud service helps an enterprise to enjoy its benefits of cloud adoption. It also offers the much-needed balance between facility and scalability of public cloud as well as the reliability of on-premise solutions. Cloud solutions such as Azure management are considered by most businesses because they are well managed, cost effective, IT efficient, and flexible. If your business is focusing more on business process and not IT, you need to consider open source technologies and managed cloud services benefits listed here:

⌨ 1. Customization of IT solutions

Managed public cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure can be customized depending on the needs of each business. Providers have designed them in a way that they can meet the requirements of each industry when implemented. The managed service provider can also monitor the way their customer controls the solution.

⌨ 2. Deployment of solutions has improved

Managed cloud solutions are vital to any business process and keep evolving at a high rate. Since a service provider can keep tabs on how clients use their solutions, they still get the unlimited opportunity to improve the design and service deployment constantly.

⌨ 3. Increased reliability

Managed cloud service providers offer integrated cloud services that are extremely reliable since they maintain control and can resolve any system issues right away. It is the responsibility of the provider to make sure that the system’s data center management functions optimally and can identify potential threats.

⌨ 4. Availability of a better data centre management system

Cloud hosting service providers offer high-cloud resources that allow you to mine through massive amounts of data fast. As long as you have maximum bandwidth, uptime and data storage, the online process goes uninterrupted no matter how heavy the loads are. The agility and speed of such cloud solutions help you to focus on core organization strategies expanding the business and keeping residents happy.

To enjoy all these benefits and more, consider teaming up with an experienced service provider. The provider should be sound architecturally and have vast experience in managing different functions such as configuration and ongoing maintenance. The Carbon60 Networks website has more online resources and references available.

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