Five Examples of Enterprise Mobility’s Growing Importance

Enterprise software is essential for businesses, including small businesses. Without software programs tracking workflows, collecting data for analysis or keeping communications secure, businesses quickly lose their competitive edge. Field service industries are no exception. Here are a few examples of enterprise mobility’s growing importance and the need for integrated field service software.

1. Industrial Internet of Things

While consumer-facing internet of things technologies haven’t received a great deal of popularity, industrial internet of things, or IIOT, has been making steady gains. Industrial manufacturers and industrial service personnel have been collecting field data for decades. Handheld devices are nothing new. But integrated tech possibilities are new.
Field service software solutions bridge the gap between data collection and data analysis by channeling field data into the cloud where it is stored and shared with multiple end-users in real-time. This means that goods are tracked, inventory data is up-to-date and equipment maintenance is more efficient and timely.

2. End-to-End Security

Personal mobile devices are often used by field service personnel because downloadable, consumer-facing apps are easy to use and manage. This kind of lax use of personal devices for business can lead to data breaches and hacks. Mobile-ready software programs provide field agents with the digital tools they need. When loaded onto handheld devices, the software provides a secure platform for all users.

3. Digital Transformation

Complete digital transformation occurs when all core business processes are completed digitally. With mobile-ready software solutions, technicians in the field are able to keep track of their hours for invoices, order parts as needed and stay up-to-date with service requests that are often submitted via online customers. An updated digital record of all transactions, one that is accessible to every team member as needed, helps keep field service employees productive and competitive.

4. Compliance and Regulations

Aside from privacy concerns, compliance and regulations include response times to urgent field problems and documentation of procedures. Field service software tracks agent progress and steps followed. Data entered is automatically kept in tabulated form for rapid inspections and regular updates keep software in compliance with changing regulations. In addition, these tools are able to provide real-time alerts to agents and facilitate communication between team members. This results in faster response times.

5. Geolocation

GPS upgrades keep track of vehicles in a fleet and field service agent locations. Knowing your work force’s location helps managers co-ordinate service area coverage more efficiently and reduce customer wait times.

Field service software helps keep businesses competitive by providing low-maintenance solutions to common field service problems. After installation, customer information is kept secure, field service agents remain productive and regulations are easily maintained.

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