Five Reasons Why Field Service Management Software Can Help Your Business

Field service software can help a business stay organised. It can be used to schedule work, dispatch technicians, track employee vehicles, and support driver safety, among other functions. Finding the right software can be crucial for your business’s success and can help your business to grow.

1. Solves Scheduling Issues

Software can help you manage where your technicians are and plan your day. As your company grows, it is crucial to get your scheduling straight so that jobs and taking on new customers don’t get overwhelming. Additionally, the more technicians you have out in the field and the more time spent out there due to an increase in jobs means that more customers could fall by the wayside or get forgotten. Field service software can actually track where your technicians are located and some can even give you a visual map. Many platforms will also allow you to speak with your technicians in real time so if the schedule changes, you will easily be able to get in touch with them and make any necessary switches.

Software can also be used to help your technicians get to a job in the fastest route possible. This helps to maximise the time spent out in the field and be sure that the most jobs are being completed in one day. If your technician is running early or late, there are even platforms that will help to notify customers of expected arrival times.

2. Keeps Accounting up to Date

Spreadsheets to keep track of payments are outdated. Not only are they time-consuming but they can also be inaccurate. Spreadsheets are updated by employees and are therefore prone to human error. The larger your business grows, the more chances there are for errors. To avoid this, field service software often keeps track of your accounting for you. Billing, invoice creation and mailing, and payment reminders can all be sent automatically, saving your company time and money.

3. Makes Timekeeping Simpler

Timekeeping on timesheets can also be inaccurate and a waste of time. Software can help to automate this process, making it simpler for businesses. It can also help you to see how much time is devoted to what parts of the job. Are technicians spending plenty of time with customers or are they spending a lot of their time driving or fixing broken equipment? This will help you get a good read of where your business practices can improve and maximise working time. Field service management software even has space where technicians can take notes on the job. This prevents time being spent on this task later, which saves money for payroll.

4. Easy Access to Reports

Reporting is particularly useful for certain chemical or pest industries. Field service management software can help automate reports, simplifying the task. Reports can be easily tracked and this can be a major time saver for companies.

5. Improve Customer Relations

Finally, field service management software can improve relations with customers. The software tracks scheduling, timekeeping, and accounting, which can increase customer satisfaction in these areas. If your customers are complaining about rushed jobs, late invoices, late technicians, or other problems, software can help minimise these issues. Customers typically have access to their own portals related to these areas where they can leave feedback or make immediate payments. It also allows for ease of communication between your business and your customers.

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