The Top 4 Advantages of Field Service Management Software

Field service software is a valuable software tool that allows a company to keep track of job scheduling and employees in real time either en route to a site or on the site itself. Many companies take advantage of the ease, convenience, and real time-efficiency of such systems, including but not limited to: telecommunications, cable installation and repair, the mobile health care industry, engineering, and mobile technicians who perform repairs, maintenance, and installation of equipment for residential and commercial customers.

1. Schedule Jobs More Easily and Efficiently

When technicians and other employees are out at job sites, it is crucial that they are aware of their job schedules for the day. A good FSM tool allows for easy communication between those workers on site and those back in the office so that a more accurate map of the day’s jobs can be scheduled in real time.

For example, this type of system allows for on-site workers to report back with any delays or other concerns and for the managers back at head office to adjust the day’s job schedule accordingly. This real-time communication from site back to head office is at the heart of FSM tools and makes all daily operations easier and more efficient.

2. Keep Track of Stock Levels Accurately

Companies of all sizes need to know at any given time what their stock levels are. When technicians are on site for repairs and maintenance to equipment, be it residential or commercial, they will use parts that they are carrying with them.

It is important for head office to know how many parts are being used, what they are, and the rate at which they are being used by their technicians. This allows them to accurately keep track of stock levels and order them accordingly from their suppliers. This also allows them to manage their cash flow more easily and stay on top of their finances.

3. Locate Workers and Vehicles in Real Time

Companies that use FSM software tools also need to keep track of where their technicians and vehicles are at any given time during working hours. This provides an accurate and real-time map of worker movements in the context of job scheduling but also allows them to manage vehicles, manage driver safety, and locate workers in the case of accident or injury en route to a site or on site.

4. Take Care of Customers

Good communication with customers is crucial to the ongoing success of any business, large or small. Built into the heart of every FSM software tool is real-time communication at all levels. This means that technicians can accurately record their interactions with customers. While this system certainly allows for head office to ensure that each job is not overstepping the line in terms of service, it also means that work details can be shared with other technicians.

For example, a technician records the progress of a job and his or her interaction with the customer, including any complaints made by that customer. This shared record provides other technicians with enough information so that they can provide ongoing service to that customer with accurate and up-to-date information at any time in the future with full knowledge of the history of that customer and the nature of the service.

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