5 Frequently Asked Questions about Field Service Management Software

It is time to switch to field service management software. Field service management is crucial for every business that wants to improve its field operations. It enables team members to easily communicate and update records even when they are in the field without having to get into the office first. Also, field technicians can access the information they require through the software, which makes their work effective.

1. How much does the software cost? Is there a contract?

Usually, the pricing of field service software is determined on monthly basis and per user basis. You need to purchase the software that offers pricing where you can scale down or up to meet seasonal changes in your organization or as it grows. Also, avoid a contract because it locks you, especially long-term contracts. Make sure you inquire about hardware requirements for the field service software and evaluate its quality by reading through reviews and testimonials.

2. What features are included?

Some features are standard across all field service applications while others are unique based on the needs of an organization. Some standard features include route mapping, job scheduling and dispatching, work order organization, and customer management. You can talk to your provider if you want a field service application to fix specific issues such as streamlining scheduling or eliminating paperwork.

3. What application integrations are supported?

You need to be sure that the field service application will match with the current hardware in your business. Also, consider the mobile devices to ensure that they integrate well with the field service software to ensure that your field technicians can comfortably it. Ask how the software will match with your current business applications such as your payroll system, accounting software, and Google calendar. Also, ask if updates made by field technicians from mobile software to office are automatic.

4. Can the software be customized?

The field management software should be customized to meet needs in the business. Sometimes you have to incur extra costs when making significant changes in documentation, your workflow, or hardware. Therefore, you have to ask your provider how the application can be personalized to suit your operations. Additionally, inquire if the workflows can be customized, the labels and languages, and if customers can view your brand identity on emails and invoices.

5. What training and support will you receive?

You will require some training no matter how easy the software seems to be. You need to inquire from your provider the kind of support they offer their clients. Some providers provide online training, webinar where you can ask questions or live demonstrations. You need to know where their customer support is located as well as their customer care contacts. The support should be available throughout to answer questions and help whenever you need help.

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