5 Google Docs Hacks You Should Know to Increase Productivity

One of the most amazing features of Google Docs is its ability to send faxes on your behalf – as stated by Skookum. The HelloFax add-on lets you fax your clients, vendors and customers directly from the Google Docs platform. Once you install the add-on, you simply add the fax number; the document and cover sheet will send in less than 20 seconds. While Google Docs is traditionally viewed as a word processor, it can actually be used as an invaluable office tool in a variety of platforms and settings. Since it is free to use, you can save tons of money on software.

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Field Service Management Software

It is time to switch to field service software. Field service management is crucial for every business that wants to improve its field operations. It enables team members to easily communicate and update records even when they are in the field without having to get into the office first. Also, field technicians can access the information they require through the software, which makes their work effective.

4 Ways the Field Service Industry can Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Advancements in technology have led to a lot of changes in different industries, but when it comes to implementing artificial intelligence (AI), the fundamental question is whether to enhance or replace the technology in place. Studies have also shown that by 2021, about 6 percent of jobs in the United States will be replaced by bots and AI. The emergence of AI in field service software is slowly taking over the dispatching duties. For employees, this sounds threatening, but it’s important to figure out the types of jobs that are changing as a result of AI.

Importance of Safety Inspection Software to your Company

Advancements in technology have contributed to significant changes in the business world. Gone are the days when the companies kept piles of track records, which are easy to misplace or wear out over time leading to hefty fines from the standards regulatory bodies. Companies have now resorted to the use of safety inspection software that helps in identifying the hazards and mitigating them before they cause harm to the employees. Safety inspection software helps in tracking of safety procedures and allows optimization as well as analysis of safety related activities in an organization.

7 Features of An IPAM Software Which Make Your Life Easy

You might be wondering what an IP Address Management Software does, right?  IP address management is related completely to the way Internet Protocol address space is used in a network. It is a means of planning, tracking and managing the address space in the network. Now, if you will observe closely, the name of the software says it all. It is a software that eliminates IP conflicts and saves time by managing DHCP, DNS and IP addresses. Managing multiple IP Addresses is not the task you’d like to handle without such software backing you up whenever things get tricky. The key features of IP address management software are as follows: 1. Automated IP Address Management IP management software has the feature of automated subnet discovery and scanning of the IP addresses which scours the network so that the user gets a clear idea of the use pattern of IPs. 2. Conflict Alert And Troubleshooting: A good software always detects the conflicts between the IPs, or the cases where DNS entries won’t match. Also, it is capable of tracking the depletion […]

The Greatest Diversion on the Internet

One of the most overlooked security measures in today’s enterprise is what some call the “IT Perimeter.” This is the border between the inside of your company and the outside world. All communications between employee systems and outside web domains, even for e-mail, must travel across this electronic bridge. Additional resources can be found at BlueCat Networks.