5 Google Docs Hacks You Should Know to Increase Productivity

One of the most amazing features of Google Docs is its ability to send faxes on your behalf – as stated by Skookum. The HelloFax add-on lets you fax your clients, vendors and customers directly from the Google Docs platform. Once you install the add-on, you simply add the fax number; the document and cover sheet will send in less than 20 seconds. While Google Docs is traditionally viewed as a word processor, it can actually be used as an invaluable office tool in a variety of platforms and settings. Since it is free to use, you can save tons of money on software.

Four Types of Venues That Increase Safety With Indoor Navigation Technology

Indoor navigation for the military was developed in order to keep soldiers safe when involved in indoor combat situations. Police and other tactical units also make use of indoor navigation technology, such as during a barricade or hostage situation. The proliferation and decreasing cost of this Wi-Fi, wired or GPS-operated indoor positioning system is also useful in public situations. Consider these four types of venues that make use of indoor navigation technology for improved public safety.