Four Types of Venues That Increase Safety With Indoor Navigation Technology

Indoor navigation for the military was developed in order to keep soldiers safe when involved in indoor combat situations. Police and other tactical units also make use of indoor navigation technology, such as during a barricade or hostage situation. The proliferation and decreasing cost of this Wi-Fi, wired or GPS-operated indoor positioning system is also useful in public situations. Consider these four types of venues that make use of indoor navigation technology for improved public safety.

? Museums

Many museums offer indoor maps that are integrated into GPS systems. These customized units for GPS for indoors allow people to take a self-guided tour. When docents or tour guides are not available, these self-guided tours allow people to navigate through the winding hallways of a museum.

Many of the units include head phones or radio stations so guests can use their own ear buds and listen to recordings about the different exhibits and items on display. The GPS coordinates with the radio station and a hand-held device carried by the visitor.

? Shopping Malls and Hypermarkets

Large shopping malls and hypermarkets can be difficult to negotiate without indoor maps. GPS for indoors helps people to find what they are looking for. In a 250,000 square foot hypermarket or shopping mall with millions of square feet, this helps to make a shopping trip more efficient.

The units can also direct people to the shortest checkout line. These navigational units also aid people in finding their parking space in the vast parking lots of shopping malls and hypermarkets.

? Hotels

Large hotels offer a maze of hallways on every floor. If a person gets lost, it could take a while until he or she finds his or her room. Hotel key cards and hand-held devices can be built with indoor navigational systems.

These systems guide hotel guests to their rooms. The navigational aids can also be used to help people to find the hotel’s guest services, pool, restaurant and other key areas within the space.

✈️ Airports, Train Stations and Bus Terminals

Navigating through an airport can be a challenge even for a seasoned traveler. Large bus terminals and train stations can be equally confusing. For someone traveling abroad, figuring out where they are and where they need to be can be an exercise in frustration. With indoor maps powered by GPS systems, travelers can easily find their way through large airports and other transportation hubs.

The devices could help people find safety in the event of an attack. They can also help people to find the right gate of departure, baggage claim and other key areas of transportation hubs.

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